Wellht Travel Services

As we increase our safety measures, we trust you’ll also do your bit for the safety of our patients.
How you can protect others:
Keep on top of good hand hygiene.
Maximum 2 passengers are taken in the vehicle.
Respect social distancing.
Support our staff and follow their guidelines.
We ensure that our employees are 100% compliant with the World Health Organization's personal hygiene directives.

Spoil Yourself With 4 Star or 5 Star Comfort In Istanbul

Being one of the hottest European destinations, Istanbul has naturally attracted the attention of major hotel chains from around the world. The city's 5-star properties have been rivaling each other to raise the bar for their design, room sizes, culinary pleasures, luxury spas and hammam features they offer to the visitor. Whether it is located in the Old City, along the Bosphorus district of the city, the 5 star room you aim to book could instantly be your sanctuary in the heart of Istanbul.

The Luxury of time

We will be more than happy to assist you on any request to make your time in Istanbul enjoyable and memorable. Create an authentic and unforgettable experience with your choice of exceptional events and discover unique hidden gems with the Wellht difference.

Feel, Live, and Discover

Are you looking for something special and personal? Make your visit to Istanbul more individual. We offer customized half-day, full-day and multi-day private guided tours in English-speaking tour guide and comfortable vehicles with driver.

A New Experiences

We are leading your travel organizastion. Wellht uses the perfect blend of technology, service and experience to create a unique travel experience. Contact your Whellt assistant for your Flight Tickets, Meeting Organization, and Out-of-Town Tour experiences.

Current Health and Hygiene Standard Hotels

Our hotels partners in Istanbul, part of International Hotels Groups has teamed up with RB & Mayo Clinic, a company leader in inspection, certification and testing, to create the ‘Stay Safe’ program. This program guarantees stringent Post-COVID-19 Health and Safety Standards for its customers and staff.

Wellht Travel Covid Free Policy

We are doing everything we can to ensure your travel safety and provide maximum flexibility as the situation around
novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve.

Safety & Cleanliness Vip City Tour

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus is sending ripples of uncertainty throughout the world. At Wellhtt, the well-being and safety of ourpatients and tour guides are our priority. Whether you’re on a trip now or in the process of planning one, we’re here to help you in any way we can.


Let’s meet in Istanbul for your own ‘well being’.