Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

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Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

One of the most important facial features is the shape of the nose. The nose has an important place in the nature of the face and looks.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most applied aesthetic operations in the world. Patients suffering from shape of the nose complaints (excess in the nasal hump, shortness at the tip of the nose, excess at the tip of the nose, curvature of the nose, etc.) or patients suffering accidents and thus have an impairment in their nose shape apply for the operation. You should decide whether you are a suitable patient for this operation together with your physician after physical examination and measurements. The suitable age for Rhinoplasty is age 18, the age at which age-bone development is completed.

Impairment of respiratory function can be corrected during Rhinoplasty. Septum Deviation (Main Mast Propagation) and Concha Hypertrophy (Nasal Concha) are the most common breathing problems. These problems can be eliminated during the operation.

There are 2 types of nose aesthetic surgery, Open and Closed Rhinoplasty. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages over each other. Which of these nose aesthetics should apply to you should be decided together with your physician.

The Rhinoplasty operation must be performed in a full-fledged hospital. Due to the fact that the Operation is carried out under general anesthesia, a full-fledged hospital is preferred in terms of patient comfort and safety. The duration of the operation is approximately 2 hours. In nasal aesthetics, a natural result is targeted when the integrity of bone, cartilage and skin is maintained and the problematic areas are intervened. After the operation, there would be splints on your nose, silicone buffers in the nose and stitches at the tip of the nose.


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