Lip Surgery

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Lip Surgery

In some people, the lip structure may be thin, or with aging, the amount of fat tissue in the lip may decrease and the lip thickness may decrease. There are many attempts that can be made to change depending on the problem and age of the person for lip thickening.

• Thickening the lip using permanent materials taken from the body
• Thickening the lip using filler materials
• Advanced surgical operations of lip mucosa (red part)

Filling Patient's Own Tissues
Fat Cells

The fat cells taken from the patient's body are carefully processed and injected into the lips and, if necessary, into other wrinkles. Twenty-thirty percent of the cells injected remain within 3-6 months.

Surgically Shaping Lips
Seegull Wing Technique

The aim is to enhance the lip by moving the vermilion border upwards. This technique is a perfect solution for patients with very thin lips and lip edges that are much wrinkled. The result is permanent.

Bullhorn or Subnasal Lip Lift

This technique is used to shorten this distance in patients with large upper lip skin. Thus, the visibility of the upper teeth is ensured. The result is permanent.

The Paris Lip

The vermilion borders and the groove between the upper lip and the bottom of the nose, called the philtrum, are enhanced using filler materials or fat cells.

V-Y Technique

V-shaped incisions are made on the upper and lower lips inside the mouth and then they are sutured in Y shape so the lips are enhanced. The result is permanent. It does not change.

Lip Lift

The sutures passed through a small incision made inside the nose are also passed through the lip and then tied, and the lip is lifted upwards. No visible scar is left. It is a very effective technique.

Lip aesthetics, which is one of the most important factors in terms of the completion of facial integrity, is very popular due to the effective results and simple techniques.

Lip Thinning

It is the process of reducing the excessive thick lips. The thick lip mucosa (red colored part) is removed with the fat tissue under a piece of an ellipse and sutured with a suitable technique.

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Swelling and bruises that occur disappear within a few days. Since the traces of the sutures made in the mucosa are not visible, there is no trace problem after the operation.


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