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Facial Plastic Surgery

Lip Surgery

In some people, the lip structure may be thin, or with aging, the amount of fat tissue in the lip may decrease and the lip thickness may decrease. There are many attempts that can be made to change depending on the problem and age of the person for lip thickening.

• Thickening the lip using permanent materials taken from the body
• Thickening the lip using filler materials
• Advanced surgical operations of lip mucosa (red part)

As a filling material, autogenous (taken from the person himself) filling substances or foreign substances can be used. Dermis grefts, fascia grafts and fat grafts from autogenous substances can be applied for lip thickening purposes. Fat grafts are limited in their permanence due to the fact that they are largely dissolved after a certain period of time. Dermis and fascia grafts are tissues that are less dissolving and longer lasting. These tissues are placed into the lip and lip volume is increased, so the lip thickening is provided.

These procedures are easily performed under local anesthesia. Swelling usually disappears within 7-10 days.

It is used to thicken the lip, injected under the skin and under the mucosa, and hyaluronic is an existing substance in the body, so lip thickening is a non-surgical method. One of the longer effective filling materials developed in recent years and applied in our clinic is the injection form of calcium hydroxyapetit. This material lasts for a period of seven years.

Lip Thinning

It is the process of reducing the excessive thick lips. The thick lip mucosa (red colored part) is removed with the fat tissue under a piece of an ellipse and sutured with a suitable technique. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Swelling and bruises that occur disappear within a few days. Since the traces of the sutures made in the mucosa are not visible, there is no trace problem after the operation.

Face Lifting

Face is the primary occupation of the plastic surgery. Many patients see the first signs of aging on their face when they look in the mirror and feel disturbed. In this context, aesthetic changes in face provide high satisfaction and the most significant aspect in this step is careful planning in the light of complaints of the patient. The primary target of face lifting or rhytidectomy as medically named is to remove any wrinkles or sagginess on the face and neck area.

Even though mild degenerations and wrinkles on certain parts of the face can be removed by filling, fat injections, hanging, and botulinum toxin applications in recent years, the said techniques may not provide a permanent solution for cases with severe deformation or excess skin. Partial restoration that can be obtained especially on the upper part of the face on such patients will not be parallel with the lower part of the face and the neck and consequently may lead to an unnatural look.

The aim in face lifting operations is not to make a patient look 5-10 years etc. younger but much better than people of their age.

Who Can Be A Candidate For Face Lifting Operation?

Ideal people for face lifting operation are those who see the onset of saggy face and neck but still have partially elastic skin without no other health conditions. It is generally performed on the patient population above 40 while it can be applied for younger ages who have an apparent deformation in their look.

Eyelid Aesthetic

Aesthetic eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is an operation performed to remove any excess skin and fat bags on the lower and upper eyelids. You can get rid of the fat bags occurring on lower and upper eyelids as well as the excess skin sagging and restricting the visual field by this operation.

Aesthetic eyelid surgery provides a younger and more dynamic appearance to patients as well as evidently reducing the inclination to sleep which has functionally increased.

Neck Lift

As many people age their skin loses its elasticity, muscles begin to slack and fat and tissue begin to appear. The neck is one of the first areas to show signs of aging.

Neck lift surgery is a revolutionary face and neck surgery that aims at removing rolls of fat, loose skin and deep creases.

As a leading plastic surgery clinic in Turkey, cosmetic surgeons have extensive years of experience in neck and jaw line treatments to tighten both women's neck and men's jaw line.

Neck lift surgeons operating at Wellth Turkey are equipped with the skills and pioneering technology to produce a sculpted neck and well-defined jaw line via a variety of methods suitable for all patients’ needs and appearance goals.

Who Can Be A Candidate For Neck Lift?

Individuals in generally good health who are bothered by the appearance of the neckline and have the following concerns:
• Sagging neck
• Loose skin
• Lax muscles in the neck
• Fatty deposits under the chin

Ear Aesthetics

What is a Prominent Ear? How Does it Occur?

Prominent ears are placed in a greater angle from the head bones while normally they should be placed with 20-25° angle.

It is resulted from flattening of the ear curvature cartilages called as anti-helical folds or concha being bigger than normal or the combination of these two conditions.

This can be seen either on one ear or both.

Who Are Eligible For The Operation?

It is known that 85% of the ear development is completed upon completion of age 4, and this operation can be performed after age 4 for developmental and psycho-social purposes considering how cruel the children of primary school age can be towards each other.

How Is The Operation Performed?

The operation is generally performed under local anesthesia. Ear cartilages will be reached by a cut made behind the ear, and flattened cartilage are often weakened and reshaped by permanent stitches, and sometimes if there is any excess cartilage, it will be removed. The cut will be aesthetically sutured by dissolvable stitches. The operation lasts about 1-1.5 hours.

Cheek Thining (Bichectomy)

Bichectomy operation, which is among the most preferred and popular aesthetic surgeries of our age, is on the radar of many famous people. We will tell you who is more suitable for cheek thinning surgery and for which reasons this surgery will be demanded. This operation is also used as a need for aesthetic appearance, but in some cases, it is also a necessity.

This operation is also used as a need for aesthetic appearance, but in some cases, it is also a necessity.

Bichectomy (cheek thinning surgery) Who should get it done?

The subcutaneous fat layer of some cheeks is sometimes overgrown. For this reason, the surgery is performed done to make the aesthetic appearance more beautiful. In such cases, bichectomy (cheek thinning) surgery may be necessary. It is ideal to perform this operation for the cheeks that can be over-estimated according to their facial contours and body structure.

Although cheek aesthetics is seen as an operation that only women have, it is now among the operations that also men prefer.

Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Nose is at the most prominent part of the face due to its position, and is the primary element that determines the visual quality of the face. Nose which is also a functional organ in addition its aesthetic effect has become one of the most commonly operated parts as the rhinoplasty evolves. Aesthetic nose operation called as “Rhinoplasty” is the reshaping of the nose by surgical intervention. This operation can be used to remove any deformations, crookedness, irregularities, or in nose reduction, enlargement, tip pointing-out, tip lifting, or nostril reduction.

Besides visual dissatisfaction, another complaint of the patients is functional incompetence. Most patients suffer from breath obstructions, nasal concha formations, nose wing collapses, or sleeping with an open mouth and associated teeth/gum problems. Such problems can be easily eliminated without any additional discomfort due to certain attempts to be applied during rhinoplasty operation. “Septoplasty” is used to remove any cartilage curvatures formed inside of the nose while concha-related complaints can be eliminated using radiofrequency techniques during the same phase. The association of “aesthetical and functional” interventions which constitute an integral part of rhinoplasty operations is called “Septorinoplasty”, and patients have a nose which is both aesthetical and ensures easy breathing at a time.

Although the concept of an aesthetical nose has been long attempted to be defined by figures or angles over years in parallel with the developments in the plastic surgery, the main concern is to apply those figures and angles correctly on the face of a person. In this context, requests of the patient is the main determinant while the primary purpose of a surgeon is to fulfill those requests in the most prudent and natural way possible.

A successful nose operation is the one that results in a unexaggerated and functional nose which fits the face of the patient and ensures unrestricted freedom of breathing.

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