Act Grillz

Grillz is a stance. A philosophy that shows the courage to reflect your own style exactly as it is. The story begins with the jewels on the teeth. The journey continues on with the delicate embroidery of the jewels individually tailor crafted to fit your personality. When Grillz gets bejeweled on your teeth and completes your personal style, it becomes an integral part of you. Grillz is “jewellry for the teeth.” A style born from Brooklyn, it rose in popularity amongst New York’s hip hop culture during the colorful 80s era, and continued its rise to become a worldwide phenomenon..

With the stylish combination of bacteria resistant pure gold and valuable stones like diamonds, ruby and sapphire, Grillz goes beyond jewellry. It becomes an inseparable part of your style. Pick your favorite Grillz style and your dentist will create a custom design just for you. In just a few days, your Grillz will be ready, fitting you perfectly.

Trust Grillz

1- A Grillz that’s custom designed for your teeth is made of pure gold, the only metal that won’t hold bacteria. (veya that is bacteria resistant). Contrary to common belief, Grillz is not gold plated, but is completely made of gold.

2- Your dentist not only designs your Grillz, but also places them on your teeth himself in a healthy and controlled environment.

3- Grillz that’s made of pure gold gets placed on your gums and teeth perfectly, eliminating any possibility of damage.

4- While you can easily take them off and wear them again as you please, the maintenance friendly Grillz can also be worn permanently.


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